What is Criminon?

Apr 18, 2022
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Welcome to Offstein Educational Therapy's comprehensive guide on Criminon. In today's society, addressing criminal behavior and promoting rehabilitation is of utmost importance. Criminon, an organization focused on education and rehabilitation within correctional facilities, plays a significant role in this field.

The Impact of Criminon on Society

Criminon is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce crime and recidivism rates through effective educational programs offered within prisons and correctional facilities. By providing valuable tools and knowledge, Criminon equips individuals with the skills necessary to overcome negative behaviors and transform their lives.

Criminon Programs and Initiatives

Criminon offers a range of programs and initiatives that are tailored to address the specific needs of incarcerated individuals. These evidence-based programs focus on improving communication skills, morality, and decision-making abilities. By doing so, they aim to prevent relapses into criminal behavior and foster a positive mindset for successful reintegration into society.

1. The Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program is a cornerstone of Criminon's initiatives. It provides inmates with practical knowledge and skills necessary for personal transformation and rehabilitation. This program covers a wide range of crucial subjects, including:

  • Communication Skills: Developing effective communication skills is vital for understanding others, expressing oneself clearly, and resolving conflicts peacefully.
  • Study Techniques: Enhancing learning capabilities helps inmates acquire knowledge and empower themselves for future endeavors.
  • Stress Reduction: Learning techniques to manage stress and develop emotional resilience is crucial for making positive life choices.
  • Morality and Honesty: Foster values such as honesty, integrity, and self-respect to cultivate a responsible attitude towards society.

2. The Criminon Program

The Criminon Program focuses on reducing criminal behavior and recidivism rates. It employs a unique blend of educational tools, moral values, and social skills development. By challenging negative belief systems and providing alternative perspectives, Criminon helps individuals break free from the cycle of crime and create a brighter future.

3. The Narconon Program

In collaboration with Criminon, the Narconon program addresses drug addiction and substance abuse issues prevalent among incarcerated individuals. By offering effective drug rehabilitation services, including detoxification and life skills training, Narconon helps individuals overcome addiction and regain control over their lives.

The Success of Criminon in Rehabilitation

Over the years, Criminon has demonstrated significant success in reducing recidivism rates and promoting lasting positive change. Inmates who actively participate in Criminon programs often report improved personal relationships, increased self-awareness, and enhanced employability skills.

Research studies have shown that Criminon graduates have lower re-arrest rates compared to individuals who did not participate in similar programs. The organization's evidence-based approach and dedication to supporting individuals throughout their rehabilitation journey contribute to these remarkable outcomes.


Criminon's commitment to education, skill development, and promoting positive values within correctional facilities sets a new standard for rehabilitation. The comprehensive programs and initiatives offered by Criminon empower individuals to transform their lives, reduce criminal behavior, and reintegrate into society successfully. If you seek genuine and lasting rehabilitation results, Criminon is dedicated to making a difference.

Paul Lavin
Interesting resource for rehabilitation programs.
Oct 16, 2023