Are there any special dietary laws or rules against smoking or drinking in Scientology?

Oct 1, 2021

Understanding the Dietary Laws in Scientology

In the world of Scientology, the adoption of a holistic and healthy lifestyle is highly encouraged. While Scientology doesn't impose strict dietary laws, it emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices regarding what we consume for the betterment of the mind, body, and spirit.

The Scientology Perspective on Nutrition

Scientology promotes the belief that maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is essential for overall well-being. It encourages individuals to be mindful of the food they consume, focusing on fresh and natural ingredients that provide essential nutrients. By nourishing the body with wholesome foods, Scientologists aim to optimize physical and mental performance.

Smoking and Scientology

Scientology discourages smoking due to its negative impact on health and well-being. It promotes a smoke-free environment to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is seen as a hindrance to spiritual growth and is discouraged among members of the Scientology community.

Alcohol and Drug Consumption

Scientology emphasizes living a drug-free life. The consumption of alcohol and drugs is discouraged as these substances are believed to cloud the mind and impede spiritual growth. Leading a sober lifestyle is seen as vital for clear thinking, self-improvement, and personal development within the Scientology philosophy.

Benefits of Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle in Scientology

By adhering to a thoughtful approach to diet and avoiding harmful substances, Scientologists aim to enhance their well-being on multiple levels:

Physical Health

Scientology recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy physical body. By following a well-balanced diet, individuals can support their physical well-being, boost energy levels, and decrease the risk of illness and disease.

Mental Clarity

Scientologists believe that a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and abstaining from smoking or excessive drinking, contributes to mental clarity. By keeping the mind clear and focused, individuals can better engage in spiritual practices and personal growth.

Spiritual Growth

Through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, individuals practicing Scientology strive to align their physical and spiritual well-being. They believe that by taking care of their body, they create a suitable environment for spiritual development and self-improvement.


While Scientology doesn't enforce strict dietary laws, it emphasizes the significance of making conscious choices regarding nutrition and avoiding harmful substances like smoking and excessive drinking. By adopting a holistic and healthy approach, individuals can optimize their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, aligning themselves with the core principles of Scientology.

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