What is Scientology's Position on Birth Control and Abortion?

Dec 26, 2017

Welcome to Offstein Educational Therapy, your trusted source of information on various topics related to health. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into Scientology's position on birth control and abortion, providing valuable insights and shedding light on this important subject.

Understanding Birth Control

Birth control is a topic that has garnered significant attention over the years, and it is important to understand Scientology's stance on this matter. According to the teachings of Scientology, individuals have the freedom to make decisions concerning their own reproductive choices. Scientology believes that individuals should have the autonomy to decide whether or not to use birth control methods.

It is crucial to note that Scientology promotes responsible decision-making and encourages individuals to consider the long-term consequences of their choices. The Church of Scientology emphasizes the importance of communication and encourages couples to discuss their reproductive plans openly and honestly.

Scientology's Views on Abortion

Abortion is a deeply complex and sensitive issue that carries significant ethical considerations. Scientology recognizes the inherent dignity and value of every human life. The Church regards the spiritual well-being and sacredness of life as fundamental principles.

Scientology's position on abortion asserts that the decision to terminate a pregnancy should be made carefully and with utmost regard for the potential consequences. The Church promotes alternative solutions and encourages individuals to explore alternatives to abortion, such as adoption or other forms of support.

Emphasizing Personal Accountability

Central to Scientology's teachings is the concept of personal accountability. This philosophy encourages individuals to take responsibility for their actions and the choices they make. Scientology emphasizes the importance of making informed decisions and carefully considering the potential impact on one's spiritual well-being.

When it comes to birth control and abortion, Scientology encourages individuals to educate themselves about the available options and seek guidance when needed. The Church recognizes that these are deeply personal choices that should be made on an individual basis, taking into account one's personal circumstances and beliefs.

Scientology's Supportive Community

Scientology values the support and sense of community that can be found within the Church. It encourages individuals to seek guidance and assistance from qualified professionals and fellow members who can provide valuable insights and support during times of decision-making.

Offstein Educational Therapy, as a prominent resource in the Health category, aims to provide a comprehensive guide on various topics, including Scientology's position on birth control and abortion. We strive to help individuals find valuable information and encourage open dialogue for informed decision-making.


Scientology's position on birth control and abortion revolves around the principles of individual autonomy, personal accountability, and the sanctity of life. While the Church promotes responsible decision-making and encourages individuals to explore alternatives to abortion, it ultimately respects the rights of individuals to make their own reproductive choices.

At Offstein Educational Therapy, we believe in providing accurate and informative content to help individuals understand different perspectives and make informed decisions concerning their health. Our comprehensive guide on Scientology's position on birth control and abortion aims to promote understanding and facilitate meaningful discussions.

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