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Sep 24, 2020


Welcome to the page of David Disbrow, an experienced educational therapist working with Offstein Educational Therapy. With a strong focus on providing comprehensive and personalized educational therapy services, David Disbrow is dedicated to helping individuals overcome various challenges in the field of health and learning.

About David Disbrow

David Disbrow is a highly skilled educational therapist with years of experience in the Health category. He holds a master's degree in Educational Therapy and has worked with individuals of all ages, ranging from children to adults. David has a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals, and he tailors his therapy techniques accordingly to ensure the best outcomes.

Offstein Educational Therapy

As part of Offstein Educational Therapy, David Disbrow is able to offer a wide range of services to individuals seeking educational support in the Health category. Offstein Educational Therapy is a renowned institution known for its commitment to excellence and its ability to transform lives through educational therapy.


David Disbrow provides a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of his clients. These services include:

Educational Assessment

David conducts thorough educational assessments to identify any learning difficulties or challenges faced by individuals. Through comprehensive assessments, he gains valuable insights into the specific areas that require attention and develops personalized treatment plans accordingly.

Individualized Educational Therapy

David Disbrow offers individualized educational therapy sessions that are designed to address the unique needs of each client. He utilizes evidence-based practices and cutting-edge techniques to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential in the Health category.

Executive Function Coaching

In addition to educational therapy, David also specializes in executive function coaching. Executive function skills, such as organization, time management, and problem-solving, are vital for success in various aspects of life. David helps individuals develop and enhance these skills, enabling them to thrive academically and in their personal lives.

Reading and Writing Support

David Disbrow offers targeted reading and writing support for individuals who struggle with these essential skills. Through personalized instruction and effective strategies, he helps individuals improve their reading comprehension, fluency, and writing abilities, fostering a love for literacy in the process.

Why Choose David Disbrow?

When it comes to educational therapy services in the Health category, David Disbrow stands out for several reasons:

Expertise and Experience

With extensive experience and a strong educational background, David brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice. His understanding of the intricacies of educational challenges makes him a trusted resource in the field.

Personalized Approach

David believes in the power of personalized therapy. He takes the time to understand each client's unique needs, learning style, and goals before designing a personalized treatment plan. This approach ensures that every individual receives the specific support they require.

Evidence-Based Practices

David Disbrow stays informed about the latest research and evidence-based practices in educational therapy. By incorporating these practices into his sessions, he ensures that his clients receive the most effective and up-to-date interventions available.

Success Stories

Over the years, David has helped countless individuals overcome their educational challenges and achieve remarkable success in the Health category. His ability to make a positive impact on the lives of his clients is evident through their success stories and improved academic performance.

Contact Information

If you or someone you know is in need of educational therapy services, don't hesitate to get in touch with David Disbrow at Offstein Educational Therapy. You can contact him through the following channels:

Take the first step towards transforming the educational journey and unlocking your full potential. Schedule an appointment with David Disbrow today!

Robert Gong
David Disbrow's dedication to helping individuals overcome challenges in health and learning is truly admirable. He is making a positive impact, one step at a time. Keep up the great work! 👍
Nov 11, 2023
Chen Mingjia
Great work! Helping learners one step at a time. 👍
Nov 8, 2023
Roxy Schoen
Awesome job! 🙌
Oct 16, 2023
Brian Logan
Impressive work!
Oct 4, 2023