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Sep 1, 2019

About Daniel Schlund

Daniel Schlund is a highly experienced and dedicated educational therapist with a proven track record in helping individuals enhance their cognitive abilities and overcome learning challenges. With a deep passion for education and a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of each student, Daniel is committed to providing top-quality services and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.

Offstein Educational Therapy: Empowering Success

At Offstein Educational Therapy, we understand that each individual has their own learning style and set of challenges. Our focus is on creating personalized programs that address the specific needs of our clients, promoting meaningful progress and long-lasting results. Through a holistic approach and evidence-based interventions, Daniel Schlund and his team work collaboratively with students, parents, and professionals to devise effective strategies that enhance cognitive abilities and optimize learning potential.

Services Offered

  • Individualized Educational Assessments
  • Cognitive Training
  • Executive Functioning Coaching
  • Reading and Writing Remediation
  • Mathematics Support
  • Social Skills Development
  • Study Skills Enhancement
  • Advocacy and Consultation

Comprehensive and Personalized Approach

Offstein Educational Therapy takes a comprehensive approach to address a wide range of educational and cognitive difficulties. By integrating the latest research and best practices, Daniel Schlund collaborates closely with clients to create customized intervention plans that meet their unique needs. Through ongoing assessment, progress monitoring, and targeted interventions, we ensure that each individual receives the support they require to excel academically and develop essential skills for lifelong success.

Advanced Techniques and Strategies

With his extensive expertise as an educational therapist, Daniel Schlund utilizes a variety of advanced techniques and strategies to facilitate optimal learning outcomes. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-sensory Instruction
  • Metacognitive Strategies
  • Visual and Auditory Processing Enhancement
  • Brain-Training Exercises
  • Memory Enhancement Techniques
  • Task Analysis and Chunking
  • Attention and Focus Training
  • Self-Regulation Techniques

Success Stories

Offstein Educational Therapy has a proven track record of helping students overcome their learning challenges and achieve remarkable success. Here are just a few of our success stories:

Case Study 1: Jane's Reading and Writing Remediation

Jane, a 9-year-old student, was struggling with reading and writing skills. Through a combination of personalized instruction, targeted interventions, and a nurturing learning environment, Jane made significant progress. She developed fluency in reading and improved her writing abilities. With renewed confidence, Jane successfully transitioned to a higher grade level, thriving academically.

Case Study 2: John's Math Support

John, a high school student, was experiencing difficulties with mathematics. Daniel Schlund worked closely with John to identify his specific challenges and develop effective strategies. Through consistent practice and guidance, John not only improved his math skills but also gained a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. As a result, John's confidence and grades soared, and he gained admission to his preferred college program.

Get in Touch

If you or your loved one is facing educational challenges or seeking to enhance cognitive abilities, don't hesitate to contact Daniel Schlund and the Offstein Educational Therapy team. We are here to help you succeed on your educational journey and unlock your full potential. Schedule a consultation today to get started!


Daniel Schlund and Offstein Educational Therapy are dedicated to providing top-quality support to individuals in need. Through personalized programs, evidence-based interventions, and a comprehensive approach, Daniel Schlund empowers individuals to overcome challenges and achieve success. With a focus on cognitive enhancement, academic support, and skill development, Offstein Educational Therapy is committed to optimizing learning potential and fostering lifelong learning.

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